How To Get Ready in Under 10 Minutes

I have a major love for the snooze button on my alarm. The love causes me to usually stay in bed until I need to be out the door five minutes later. Since I have done this since middle school, I have become a master of getting ready and at least attempting to look acceptable in under ten minutes. Follow these steps, and you will be a master too!

1. Plan your outfit in your head each time your alarm goes off

Easy! You know what clothes you have and approximately where they are in your room. Think about what you have going on throughout the day and what type of clothes you need to wear. Once you have your outfit picked out, you are almost half way there.

2. Pull yourself out of bed 10 minutes before you have to leave the house

Do your morning routine of brushing your teeth and such. At this point you will have about 9 minutes left before you need to leave.

3. Hair and Make-Up

This is the most difficult step. The most minimalist option is best. Think about how important it is for your hair and make-up to be done. I usually go with the quick mascara to make me not look dead and a braid. Easy and simple- done in 5 minutes, you now have 4 minutes left.

If you are someone who takes 10 years on your makeup, here is a link to some tips to make your process quick!

If you need a nice hairstyle and only have five minutes, here are some super simple options!

4. Outfit

This is where you hope that the outfit you picked out is easy to find and looks how you imagined it. If it doesn’t, quickly think of a different option. If you can’t find something, let it go and get a new option.

5. Grab Breakfast and Go

Grab a piece of fruit and go. You’ve just gotten ready in 10 minutes- that’s something to brag about.