How To Get All of Your Stuff Done and Still Be Sane

My college experience has consisted of constantly having things to do. Whether that was going to class, keeping up with extracurriculars or completing assignments for class. In a world of intense pressure to push yourself to always do more, we need a guide on how to get everything done in the 24 hours we have each day. Here are some tips on how to be as productive as possible!

1. Make a To-Do List

Write down everything you need to get done in a day or week. Prioritize each item by their importance and due date. If you have a hard copy of something to look at, it will ensure that you do not forget any tasks.

If you still need help making a to-do list- here is a link to help you.

2. Stick to a Schedule

Once you have your list, you need to plan out when you are going to complete the tasks. Whether you are extremely specific and plan out the exact day and time of each task or take a broad approach and just give yourself an entire day to get tasks done, you need to give yourself guidelines and expectations.

3. Don’t Make Excuses

SURPRISE!! Everyone has a busy schedule, it’s not just you! Pick yourself up and pull it together. There are going to be weeks where you do not want to do anything and weeks where you are so productive you get your homework done for the next two weeks. You are not the only one who has a lot to do, get your work done! Quit telling yourself that you have it harder than others, even if you do. Your excuses are not going to get the work done for you.

4. The Golden Rule of To-Do Lists

If you make a to-do list and you find out that there is a task that will take you under two minutes, say sending a short email, DO IT RIGHT THERE. You will 1. get to cross a task off your list and feel accomplished and 2. have one less thing to do later on.


College is an amazing time! It will be busy and it will be lousy at times, but know that these are the days you will look back on. Enjoy the late nights with your friends in the library, the all-nighters you pull to get everything done, and the junk food you are able to consume at 2 am. You will never get these days back!!