Hello! Welcome to my website! My name is Payton Clerc. I was raised in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and went to high school at Spring Lake Park Senior High. Through high school, I was searching for my next step. I found my answer when I visited Drake University. 

My Experience at Drake University

Des Moines

My time at Drake University has been amazing, to say the least. Currently, I am finishing up my junior year studying English and Law, Politics, and Society. These majors have helped me to see the world through a variety of viewpoints. I have expanded my knowledge and grown to be a more educated woman. My first year was eye-opening for me. I met some of my greatest friends and learned so much about how to better myself as an individual. Through the years I have begun to see how I can learn from every situation.

Next Steps

Drake University collaborates with Drake Law School in creating a program which gives students the opportunity to gain their law degree in six years instead of seven. I have been accepted into Drake Law School and will begin in the next academic year. I am excited to learn and grow so much more in the next three years.

Passion for Law

A general understanding of the law has come naturally for me. I genuinely enjoy reading through cases and thinking about how law is in our everyday lives and has influenced just about every aspect of our society. I have a passion for learning and seeing every case in many different ways.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I have the ability to read difficult and dense texts and simplify them so that anybody could understand what is being said. Although this is a strength, especially in the field I want to go into, it can also be a weakness in the sense that I do not always go as far in depth with a thought because I reach such a simple conclusion so easily.

To keep this strength, well… a strength, I make sure to write out my full thought and draw lots of diagrams to ensure that each thought gets fully thought out and nothing is left over.

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  1. I love that you have working links! Very helpful for learning more about Drake Law and the program you are involved in.

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